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.NET Obfuscator to Protect .NET

.NET Obfuscator is the most powerful .net application for developers to protect their .net barcode project.

Developers can download this .NET Protector for free in this website.

Our .NET Obfuscate provides advanced code protection, obfuscation and optimization for developer's .net application.

Nowadays a lot of people have been use this .NET Obfuscation to protect their .net application, like protect IP from prying eyes especially competitors. This obfuscation for .net can protect the private and public member's names; it scrambles names of classes, methods and other assembly members.

This .net obfuscation allows developers to make assembly code reverse engineering much harder by obfuscation names.

Download this powerful .net obfuscation from our website.

Developers can use those features to improve their .net application in a very easy way. .net obfuscator can do protect the .net application in strings encryption and symbols renaming.

Also developers can use this .net obfuscator in simultaneous protection of the main assembly and referenced dlll,

automatic symbols overloads and anti-disassembler. There are a lot of features in .net obfuscator, developers can download it and enjoy it for free.

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