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Java Code-39 Generator

Java Code-39 also known as code 3 of 9, code 3/9 and type 39.

This Java Code-39 is very easy to install into barcode program. Cod 39 is normally widely used in a lot of barcode environment; our code 39 is the barcode standard that includes capital letters, several symbols and numbers.

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For this Java Code-39 Generator can read by every scanner on the market, developers can use this code 39 to transfer data between companies.

The advantage of this Java Code-39 is do not have to generate a check digit, our code 39 can integrate barcode images into existing printing system easily, this kind of technology by adding a barcode font to the system to print the data in that font. Also this Java Code39 can add a barcode font to the printer and then print the raw data in that font. Java Code 39 character set is including different digits, like from digit zero to nine, from letter A to letter Z. Of course all the characters are upper case only. The barcode have any length, there are more than 35 characters in code 39. Each character combines with nine elements, which are five bars and four spaces, three wide and six narrow elements.

Java Code-39 is just about the only type of barcode in common use that does not require a checksum. This makes it especially attractive for applications where it is inconvenient, difficult, or impossible to perform calculations each time a barcode is printed.