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C# Code-128 Generator

C# Code-128 is a special version which also can be called as GS1-128.

C# Code-128 is used widely in the world wide, like for shipping, packaging industries. This C# Code-128 can generate barcode images by using the code 128 symbology. With code 128, developers can generate images by barcode in PNG and GIF format both. Also this code 128 can generate a text string representing the barcode image.

C# Code-128 Generator also supports for all 128 low order ASCII characters. Use this C# Code128 software will have built-in error detection for every message level and character. The free .NET Code128 barcode font is included in the Excel barcode add in installer.

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Our C# Code-128 is very easy to use, first of all need to select one cell or a range of cells before choose the selection on toolbar. Developers can just choose selection to barcode into the cell and the data will be automatically transferred into the code 128 software.

C# Code-128 provides excellent density for all-numeric data and good density for alphanumeric data.